Rockstars is my Senior Class Representative Program.  If you would like to be a 2016 Senior Class Rockstar, read the following information and fill out the form below!

Jessie Rae Photography’s 2015-2016 Senior Class Rockstars will be selected via application; only ten Rockstars will be selected this year (Five in Northern VA, and Five in Harford/Baltimore Counties MD).  Rockstars do not need to have any previous modeling experience (or look like a typical model) to apply.  My 2015-2016 Senior Class Rockstars will be chosen based on personality, activities/interests, and eagerness to model their hearts out and become a Jessie Rae Photography spokesperson.

Once selected, you will be notified via e-mail.  Please respond to this e-mail within 48 hours or your opportunity will be passed to the next applicant.  Once selected, we will set up a time for your modeling session – these are the photos that will be used in your personalized marketing materials.  We will need to schedule your session to take place before the end of August.  At the time of your session we will go over your Rockstar contract.  A parent or legal guardian must be present at the time of your session.

The Details:

As a Senior Class Rockstar you will receive:

  • 15-20 minute session at a location of your choice
    • Within 10 miles of either Jessie Rae Photography location (Edgewood MD or Herndon VA)
      • Further locations will be considered for additional mileage fees
  • 25 representative discount cards to give to friends
    • Each card will include one or more images from your modeling session, along with your name, contact information for Jessie Rae Photography, and $25 coupon for your friend’s session.
      • Give these cards wisely, as they benefit both you and your friend!
  • CD of all the hand-edited photos from your modeling session
    • This will also include personalized marketing materials for web-use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

The Rewards:

(Now we’re getting to the good stuff!)

  • Refer ONE friend and receive a free 1-2 hour senior portrait session at a location of your choice
  • Refer TWO friends and receive a free Senior Portrait print package in addition to your free senior portrait session
    • (Includes one 11x14, two 8x10s, four 5x7s, 24 wallets)
  • Receive a $20 print credit for every referral
  • Receive $50 CASH for every FIVE referrals (YES!  Cash!)
  • 50% off family portrait session (to take place any time in 2015 or 2016) - only one referral necessary!
  • Refer 10+ friends for sessions in the 2015-2016 class school year and receive 20% off all sessions and prints/products purchased in the 2016 year (discount valid for your core family)

*Rockstars must be outgoing, friendly, and able to confidently show off their photos and refer classmates, friends and family to Jessie Rae photography.  The more people who book sessions because of you, the more you earn! (Remind them they must bring your representative card to their session)  **Referrals do not have to be high school seniors – I shoot weddings, engagements, family/maternity/newborn portraits and other things as well.  The more referrals you book, the more rewards you receive!



I’m a 2016 Jessie Rae Photography Senior Class Rockstar… Now what?


Let’s book your modeling session!  This session will be for your marketing materials, not your actual senior portrait photos.  This session is completely free.  In this session we want to choose a fun location and one or two great outfits to create images that your friends will be envious of!  These will be the photos used for your personalized marketing materials to give to friends and family.

2-3 weeks after your modeling session you will be provided with a CD of your hand-edited photos, including personalized marketing materials for web-use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).  You will also receive 25 senior representative cards; these cards will include one or more photos from your session, your name, contact information for Jessie Rae Photography, and a $25 discount for your friend.


Now it’s time to get to work!  As a 2016 Senior Class Rockstar you want to show off your photos and talk about your session with Jessie Rae Photography as much as possible!  These discount cards can be given to anyone you know, not just fellow seniors.  Anyone who books a session or event with your card in the 2015-2016 school year will earn you rewards!


I suggest getting started as soon as you have your marketing materials.  The sooner you get one friend to book a session, the sooner you can book your 100% free senior portrait session. (Refunds cannot be given if you purchase a senior portrait session prior to your discounts, but the price can be applied to future orders if you meet your referral requirements after payment is made).

2015-2016 Senior Class Rockstars Application

You must be a graduating 2016 Senior to enter the 2015-2016 Senior Class Rockstars Program.  I will only be selecting a handful of seniors for the 2016 year, so get your application in ASAP!  I am trying to avoid multiple seniors in the same school, so please provide as much information as possible and persuade me to choose you for my 2015 Rockstars!

Name *