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River Cruise

Wow, so it's been a while. Things have become fairly routine (and we've gotten really tired of the heat and having so many options {who would have thought that would be a problem??} for food), so we haven't had that many interesting stories. I'll post a general recap in a couple posts, but first two posts from the weekend.

Saturday we took it easy. Made breakfast, played video games, watched tv, and spent about two hours at the pool. We've started cooking lots of frozen foods because going out for every meal has become a real chore. Then we decided to go on the night time River Cruise with Laser Show.

The cruise leaves out of Clark Quay and that place is packed at night/on the weekends! We got in line to purchase tickets for the second of the two laser shows and became very nervous about the amount of people shoving their way through the line for the boat that was loading at that time. The boat would leave at 9p, and the man told us to come back at 8:45.

We went and had thai for dinner just a few doors down, nothing to write home about! Then we waited a very long time to get someone's attention for the check. A server came by and handed a bill to the table next to us, and I was positive it was ours, but we continued to wait. Finally Jess asked another server for the check, and a few minutes later the original server came by and grabbed the bill off the table next to us and handed it to Jess. That's fairly typical of our customer service experiences here... that specifically was a first and only, but it's mostly inattentive.

We still had about half an hour before departure, but we went ahead to line up because we were really nervous about the crowds. We got there and got the first spot in line and made sure we were as close as possible to the rope because people kept cutting through. No respect for the queue!

Jess jumped out of line around 8:45 to grab our drinks that came with our tickets (Shanghai Sling - a bottled version of a Singapore Sling, and pretty tasty!). We watched in amazement as one large tour group after another very inefficiently "lined up" and hustled down to the boats. These groups of people were very bad at following simple instructions like "line up in line B".

Finally it was our turn and we got the first seats on the back of the boat and spread out (for good reason!! By the middle of the ride we had people practically sitting on our laps). We sat for a while and people watched (mostly the English family next to us - you'll hear them in the video) and then took off a few minutes later.

This is 40 minutes of video cut down and sped up to ~3 minutes.

The ride was fairly uneventful, and the laser show was just okay, but the weather was perfect so it was worth it. Apparently the show is much better from the viewpoint of Marina Bay Sands, but I imagine it's still nowhere near as good as a Disney show. They do the show at least twice every night though! Singapore loves a spectacle.

After the cruise we walked around Clark Quay for a bit and over to the bridge facing Marina Bay Sands, and walked the long way back to the apartment. There are under pass sidewalks throughout Clark Quay with murals, I especially liked the wall of cute little merlions doing water activities. Obviously I was a little obsessed with the rainbow bridge, and I didn't have a tripod with me so I couldn't get a great shot (not just of the bridge, but of anything). We had been wanting to take this walk, but it had been too hot every time we're out that way. The weather was actually fantastic this night, so we took advantage of it.

We walked through the MRT access under Suntec to get a few blocks across without having to take the overpasses. Turns out there are even more shops and eating spots underground. This place is so weird.