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Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

In addition to having the Biebs stuck in my head for weeks, I really am sorry that it's been so long since I've posted!! Partly because I have sooo many photos that haven't been posted and I'm terrified to organize them.

Since the last post we had just come back from Bali. We spent a few days back here in Singapore, then left for Sydney/Canberra for just over a week, then came back to Singapore for a few days before heading back out to Hong Kong for a long weekend. Now we're back and just have a couple weeks left here before heading to JAPAN (yes! Officially confirmed!) before going home (finally!).

Soooo... I'm going to talk to Jess this evening about how we should try to organize the rest of these posts and start putting them together. Have a photo from each country to hold you over until the next post. ;)

Bali, Indonesia

Sydney, Australia (Mrs Macquarie's Chair)

Tung Choi St, Hong Kong