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Still exhausted...

Today was Jess' first day of "work," but he got a call from the manager this morning telling him it wasn't totally necessary to go in. He went for a couple hours anyway. I enjoyed my new snacks while watching Grimm before getting up and out to go meet him and a couple coworkers for lunch. Apparently that giant thing (Ghee Dosa with Masala) is for one person...I didn't even eat half.

After lunch we ventured across the street because I spotted a store that might sell curling irons!! Ding ding... found one, and it had an interesting warning. There was also a group drumming very loudly and walking in and out of stores with a Chinese dragon. Turns out they were everywhere today. I was also super excited to see a whole section of convertible furniture in this store. Really neat stuff.

Had a refreshing Happy Hour beer (because happy hour is apparently noon to 8p) while trying to figure out our day. Decided to walk back to Bugis to see Deadpool, which gave us two hours to get there. In the meantime we meandered through the mall, bought some Famous Amos cookies, and took our time walking to Bugis. All the walks seem to be getting shorter and shorter!
At Bugis there were more Chinese dragons and drummers! We were still early for the movie so we went to Churro 101 and had a dark chocolate churro (Better than a boyfriend!).
Singapore movies are cheaper than at home, but the theatre seats are pretty snug. Worth another go though!

After the movie we went by Cold Storage (the grocery store) again, for more odds and ends. Since we realized we didn't really get any cohesive things the last two times we went. We can now make an actual sandwich!
Then we went back out to Sushi Airways. The food is really good, but we weren't $72 full by the time we left (which is what the total was), so we'll be looking for cheaper sushi options for future.

Oh yea... so then we went around the block to Laffio's again for some of their amazing waffle fries and the cheapest beer we've seen anywhere around here. Then back home, showered, and in bed to type this up by 10p because we are exhausted!
Chili crab tomorrow...