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All we do is eat

So it's been a few days since our last post. We keep saying "we'll post it tonight," but by the time we get settled back into our room and transfer photos to the computer we are so tired. I'm convinced that life in Singapore is just made up of a lot of walking between coffee shops and restaurants. Because of that we are in a constant state of full and exhausted.

This is Jessie's view in the morning after Jess leaves for work. Pictured is our boxed milk with a sell by date of December 2016, sold unrefrigerated.

Jessie wasn't feeling well on Tuesday so she stayed home and had a really lousy sandwich while Jess went to Din Tai Fung again. But thankfully she was feeling better by the time Jess was off work and she met him at the office to take a cab to Clark Quay. After taking care of Jess' employment pass, we went to Jumbo seafood for Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab. Nevermind the price (not listed on the menu), the crabs were pretty good. Though as a Maryland girl, Jessie was missing the Old Bay.

Being days after the fact I almost forgot to mention that we had what seemed like tornado force winds. Hair and bibs and napkins blowing everywhere, and very difficult to manage with extremely saucy hands. Jessie ended up with Black Pepper sauce in her hair.

After dinner we walked around Clark Quay. Definitely more places worth checking out on a less blustery day. Before catching an Uber back to the apartment we popped into another mall and had some Beard Papa's (omg desfiesijdvldjg cream puffs).

It must have been an early bedtime that night because neither of us can remember doing anything once we got back. This may have been the night Jessie fell asleep while Jess was playing video games. We've been real party animals over here.

By Wednesday we were rested and feeling more optimistic about things again. We met up for lunch at Bali Thai in Suntec City Mall. Once again...yuuummmm. So many lunch options makes it really easy and difficult at the same time... at least we have time to try lots of things.

Jess went back to work while Jessie went on a mission for a less fluffy pillow to sleep on (the fluffiness of these hotel pillows aren't giving me any neck support... so much tension in my back!).
The bathrooms here are ...unique? confusing? Some have been really nice. A few have been not so nice and not air conditioned. And every now and then we come across one like below.

We decided on an American restaurant for dinner since Jessie had been craving mac and cheese (Thanks for posting that food video, Cayla!). Unsure of what Singapore considers a Southern American restaurant, we were really pleasantly surprised. The mac and cheese ranked pretty high on the best scale.

Mosque prayer had started by the time we were walking back. You can hear it for blocks in any direction (woke up to it at 6am the other day). Pretty interesting to see and hear every day.
Oh yea... and we have a tiny fridge full of TIger beer.

Today Jessie woke up feeling so much better after sleeping on a stiff, not at all comfortable pillow (terrible how that works... the fluffy one is so much more comfortable, but really bad on my neck). Jess recorded his walk to work, and might redo it. Maybe we'll post a video sometime soon. Jessie walked to Suntec later in the afternoon to meet him for lunch again. With so many delicious options it's difficult to eat in.

We found a place just outside his office building called Alt Pizza. Third pizza we've had here and the best by far. Also some really amazingly delicious "artichoke spinach" dip. Jess was surprised to find Modern Times beer (a not very large brewery outside of San Diego, CA) on the menu. PIcked up info on their loyalty app, so it's likely to be a frequent lunch spot (Jess was eyeing up the burgers).

After Jess went back to work, Jessie explored the mall some more while texting him a play by play. This mall is configured in such a weird way. This might have to be a (very long) video because I can't even explain how weird it is.

We decided on Mexican food when Jess got off work. Piedra Negra is just across the street and has a pretty good looking menu (and nicely priced cocktails for the area). Their queso fundido was delicious, but not like what we have at home. Jess' burrito was served with "criss cross" fries, and Jessie's fish tacos were good, but fairly bland, and the sauce with them was really good! The ambiance in the place was interesting and definitely worth a few photos. Jess' margarita was ok, but Jessie's mojito was so good Jess ended up ordering one as well.

We walked around a little more after dinner because we keep noticing new things each time. It's also helpful to walk around at dinner time since most of the restaurants have open fronts. This way we can see and smell things that people have ordered and plan our future dinners accordingly. ;)

We've been wanting to go to the pool the past few days, but we're not waking up early enough to go in the morning, and the whole pool is shaded by the evening. The water was really cold the first day we tried, so I think we'll be wanting the sun when we go again. For now we're having a glass of Angel's Envy bourbon and making it another early bedtime.