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Storms, hackers, kitty kats and the cost of foods

Thursday we had another downpour. Despite thunderstorms always being in the forecast we've only seen one, but we've had a few short term downpours. This time I finally remembered to go look at it in the atrium of the building (along with all the other children)... mostly because it was raining so hard I could hear it coming down in the hallway.

Jess went to the gym and "hacked" the video screen on the treadmill. He can't pass an interactive screen without messing with it. And he brought home my long term visitor pass with him - woo. Now I can officially... I don't know what.

We had dinner at Laffio's, but still wanted a snacky snack. We remembered seeing some amaaazing looking soft serve down the street, so we headed over to Stateland Cafe. Guys... Popcorn and Cookie Butter infused softserve (not mixed). Jess had the buttered popcorn, and I had the cookie butter... obviously. These flavors were made just for us. We'll need to go back, because I'm dreaming about this ice cream. And at $6SGD it definitely beats the $16SGD pint of cookie butter core Ben & Jerry's we bought.

Jess' scoop of ice cream looked like a fox... so he took a picture. AND we saw another kitty cat on the way home.

Friday we went to Singaplural 2016, which will be in it's own blog entry, but after that we were exhausted (a lot of walking, and it was fairly hot). Jess had been craving a burrito for a few days so he was searching Yelp for options. He found a Baja Fresh!

We attempted to take an Uber, but our driver hit a cab literally half a second after we shut our doors. She told us to stay put while she went to talk to the other driver, and we were like "uhhh... I think we'll just take a cab."

We got there and what a strange experience. It was almost exactly the same menu (but more expensive), but they had a fairly large alcohol selection, actual dishes, and the employees did not wear uniforms. $61.05SGD at Baja Fresh! That translates to roughly $44USD, so I guess it's not *that* bad when you factor in that we had margaritas, but she also discounted one of the drinks by ~$7.

After Baja we went next door to a German themed restaurant that was super cheesy, but I wanted a beer and a slice of black forest cake... and I got both! Pretty good... but neither place is worth going back to.

We decided to walk back home so we could stop at Cold Storage (the grocery store) on the way, and because it wasn't really that far (we were just tired and hungry on the way there). On the way we saw a couple neat little art shops (both were closed, it was late), and a bunch of bars. Very interesting to see different areas at different times of the day. Some places you will drive by in the day and it looks like nothing, but there are large crowds and lots of lights at night.

Saturday we had sushi at Ion Orchard (another mall)... there was a short wait to get in, and the ordering system was different from what we're used to. A lot of the rolls came in sets of 2 and 4 pieces, but turns out they were large pieces. We ordered *almost* too much food... but it's difficult to let good sushi go to waste, so we definitely stuffed ourselves.

They also had some really really good tempura sweet potato, made with Japanese purple sweet potato... yum! They also have tempura pumpkin here... we tried that at Todai and it was so good -- sweet and crunchy!

One thing we definitely weren't expecting here was to get a slice of kraft singles on top of our sushi. Typically when something is labeled with "cheese" at home it means cream cheese. Nope... we had sushi with american cheese. Oh my... what a weird taste. Good thing that roll came in two pieces and not 6 or 8!

I also couldn't pass up Each A Cup. We shared a bucket of Winter Melon Tea (which is delicious, btw, and a new favorite). If you have an international food market near you see if you can find Yeo's Winter melon tea... comes in a 1.5 litre bottle. It's definitely not a flavor we were expecting.

Friday evening we sort of went to Gardens by the Bay (which will also be in it's own blog post) because I really wanted to see and photograph the Singapore Skyline. I started feeling fairly ill, so we didn't do everything we planned.

Sunday I woke up late (like 11am) and was just feeling really unrested. We went to the pool and got some sun, and the pool water felt like the perfect temperature for once, not freezing. We spent about an hour and it was really nice outside. When we got back to the room we watched tv for a bit, then I went back to bed for another couple of hours. Turns out, I think I maybe had a 24 hour bug or something. I ended up not feeling so well that night.

So once I got out of bed again I really didn't want to leave, so we ordered pizza in from Alt Pizza. Delivery wasn't as good as eating it there because the crust got a little soft (It's really crispy there), but it was still really tasty. Check out their awesome pizza boxes. We watched some more Netflix, and then went back to bed.

I felt a little better again this morning, and I headed over to Suntec before lunchtime to do some clothes shopping before meeting Jess for work. He got new jeans, and I got some light pants for our adventures in Bali (YEA, that's happening!).

We've taken notice that when you shop here the employees follow you very closely (like closer than we follow each other), and they explain every little thing to you, and often try to make an upsell with a prepared speech. Very strange, and it can make for an uncomfortable shopping experience, especially if you're just browsing.

Jess will be home soon, and then he's going to the gym. Time to research what's for dinner, I guess!