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Ketchup - caught up

Okay... so this is the last one to catch up! By the way... ketchup is different here, and we like it.

Sunday we went to Chinatown. It was a great idea before we left the apartment, but once we got out there we remembered how hot it was and it turned into a pretty short trip. Our intention was to go to the Chinatown Visitor Center and ask someone where to eat, but on our way we drove past Food Street and decided we would eat there.

We ended up getting way more carby and hot soup food than any two people could eat on an extremely humid and hot day, so we ended up not eating it all. I decided, based on this experience, that I do not like Laksa even though it sounded like a great idea. It ended up tasting like a bland and fishy version of Tom Kha, my favorite Thai soup. But the satay here was soooo good... 80 cents per piece (SGD) - 58 cents USD!

After lunch (and a lot of sweating) we wandered through a huge hawker center. Some things smelled amazing, but mostly we had no idea what was there, and what was good. It was really overwhelming, and there's a chance we may not be able to eat in a hawker center unless we have someone to help us. There were dozens and dozens of food stalls, and they were all completely foreign to us.

After wandering through the hawker center we walked into the temple in the photo above. We promptly got kicked out because of the sleeveless, low back, short dress I was wearing. Oops... I read the rules of temples before coming to Singapore, but since this was an unplanned trip I didn't even think about it. They had a bucket of fabrics for people to cover up with, but they looked like thick itchy pieces of burlap, and I was hot and grumpy, and could not understand ALL the things the woman was kicking me out for... so I didn't want to be kicked out a THIRD time when I didn't understand her again.

We will probably go back later one evening, when we're not as hot and sweaty and grumpy. and I'm wearing appropriate clothing.

Monday I met Jess for lunch and we had Alt Pizza again because it's delicious. Jess had one of the best burgers ever made, and I had a blue crab and Old Bay pizza.

That evening Jess went to the gym after work, and I made french toast for dinner. I've been craving french toast and we can't seem to find a breakfast place that is actually open for breakfast! I went and purchased non refrigerated eggs... that we did not put in the fridge this time. Last time we bought them we put them in the fridge and every single one cracked. Oops.

Tuesday I met Jess for lunch. Nicole was having Thai for dinner, so we went to Bali Thai because it sounded delicious! I had pineapple fried rice with chicken floss and fried fish. Yes... chicken floss... I still don't really know what it is. Jess had some sort of honey fried chicken. And we shared some chicken satay... because we love satay.

I got some milk tea while I made Jess take the long way back to work... he still doesn't understand the layout of the mall, so it's easy to trick him. And I was able to trick him into walking to Toys R Us with me because I *finally* had 3 old dollar coins to get my little egg baby from the vending machine!

Let me explain... a while ago I saw an article about a dessert that "poops" custard, and I guess it's supposed to resemble an egg. So I was *extremely* excited when I got to Suntec City Mall and saw these little guys in the vending machine, as well as bigger plushies in a toy store. Turns out, this cafe is in Hong Kong, so I will most likely be experiencing this little guys in person in the near future!

Take note of the motorbikes on the sidewalk in the picture above. That's a thing that happens here. I've almost been run over and backed into more than once. They park them on the sidewalks (mopeds, motorbikes, motorcycles), and occasionally drive them on the sidewalks to avoid traffic lights.

Tuesday evening we cooked dinner again. We made chicken, which was a mistake in this kitchen. The trash smelled god awful until Ruby picked it up this afternoon. I've decided that was probably the first and last time we'll be cooking chicken in this kitchen. The under sink/trash area smells like all kinds of disgusting things now. I had Jess purchase a box of baking soda on the way home to try to fix it.

For dinner tonight we went to Krave, which was on our list early on but we never made it. I was happy when we sat down and a tailless cat immediately tried to also get inside to grab a bite. After being shooed away a few times he eventually just laid down outside the door.

I had some really delicious chicken with peanut sauce and rice balls, Jess had some pretty good steak with fantastic fries and 3 mayo sauces. Yum! We almost got more fries to take home, but opted to visit the mini mart for more ice cream instead.

On our walk back to the apartment building this little guy literally scared me, because I was not expecting a little creature to be laying on the sidewalk.

Let me take a moment to explain this to you... before today, in the entire time we've been here, we had seen ONE stray cat, 4 dogs on leashes (3 small, 1 medium), one lizard, and a few flies. After encountering two more stray cats tonight, we then saw a rat after leaving the mini mart at our apartment building. Apparently Singapore thinks we've been here long enough to start bringing out the dirty parts (refer back to the weekend post where we encountered the "ghetto" and the hobo... really not that bad. There was *some* litter on the ground, and one homeless person).

Anyway... We went to the mini mart at the basement level of our apartment building to get more Magnum ice cream bars. ...the third box we've bought, because we are now addicted. Each box has been different! And we spent $16 on a pint of Ben & Jerry's.  Oops. And we got some blueberry pocky.

And I figured I would take another picture of the disturbing cigarette labels... because why not? Enjoy looking at that again.