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Saturday we went to the Mint Museum of Toys. Jess complained the entire walk over there, but to be fair it was unbearably hot out there. Unfortunately the AC was not blasting in the museum, but it was good enough.

Five levels of glass cases jam packed with old toys, most of them from 1930s-1960s. This post may encourage my mom to take a trip to Singapore just to see this collection. I got so excited about taking pictures of everything, my phone died before we got to the end.

The entire collection is owned by one man, and is the largest collection of it's kind in southeast Asia, with more than 50,000 pieces of vintage toys and memorabilia from more than 40 countries.

First up... SPAAAACE. Take notice of the super rare squirt gun, worth $3,500 USD. And all. the. Daleks! EXTERMINATE.

Next up, characters and superheroes. First issue Avengers and Transformers comics.

More characters, and lots of dolls. My mom would have died over the amount of creepy creepy old Snow White stuff they had. Take note of the extremely racist memorabilia, and the super creepy early stages of Felix the cat. I also learned that I love a little dog named Bimbo.

And collectibles... I was sad by this point, because my phone shortly after entering the room. I missed some Mickey Mouse, Beatles and Queen of England memorabilia... sorry. But look at all those lunch boxes!! I die.

We finished off the evening at Sushi Burrito. Yes, that was a weird experience. The ingredients were delicious... but it was the most complicated thing to eat. As soon as you take the first bite, the seaweed starts to roll out. And since no one believes in knives here, I found myself pulling it apart with forks by the time I got halfway through it. Delicious though. But unsatisfying for the amount of work involved.

Sushi Burrito was in a very strange mall. Everything was closed by the time we finished eating except the other restaurants, which were all outside, and the giant grocery store on the basement level. We almost did some grocery shopping, but opted for a potty break and just some candy.

I believe we also found the ghetto of Singapore. We ventured to two 7elevens outside, because I wanted tea. We didn't find the tea I wanted... but we did find an out of order Mashed Potato Dispenser, and the first and only homeless person we've seen here, sleeping on a bench.

Now we're almost caught up!