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Not much happened

So the week wasn't very exciting. I started feeling better, so then I got really discouraged and grumpy about how awful I still felt (between the heat, the walking, my previous illness and the uncomfortable bed... I was *extremely* unrested). So we took it fairly easy this week.

I found a place called Mr Punch Public House. We ventured that way Tuesday evening, unsure whether or not we would have dinner there. We did not have dinner there... but we did have a couple beers and some fries while taking in the sites. Turns out Mr Punch Public House is inside the Mint Museum of Toys.

Since I showed interested in all the tin signs on the walls, one of the employees was very excited to show us around and up to the rooftop bar, which also had tin signs on the walls, and he suggested we come back during opening hours for the toy museum. He told us that they are all original signs, and I told him that my mom would be trying to take them off the walls... maybe that's why he followed us around.

After Mr Punch we decided to have some actual dinner foods at Vatos Urban Tacos. A few things have been so good that we've had to go back. This time we had beergaritas... my first, and I'm craving another thinking about it. Mine was a frozen orange margarita with a tangerine wheat beer... so so good. But at $28 each it's a one drink kind of restaurant.

Wednesday was fairly uneventful. I'm assuming I went to meet Jess for lunch (because I got a milk tea on my way home), and then this must have been the night I cooked dinner... spaghetti and meatballs. I know I've probably already said it too many times... but I'm really going to miss the abundance of milk tea when we get back home. I may have to open a Singapore inspired coffee and tea shop just to make up for it.

I also came home to 3 Expat Living magazines. They are mostly full of useless (unless you're actually living here permanently) information and ads... but a few pages of helpful tips.

On Thursday we went to the employment pass services center to finish up my long term visitor pass, which means I now have travel insurance just in time for me to not be sick anymore.

The following pictures don't really fit into any cohesive storyline, so excuse me while I break this down. First is a ...jelly cup thing that Jess had at lunch time. It contains cubes of jell-o like things floating in a tea-like liquid. Yum. Then there is another picture of the rainbow building that I still want to get a good picture of. Then a poster in the restaurant where we had dinner... Brewerkz, pretty good beer, okay food.

We've found a lot of our meals by looking around on Google Maps, or other apps and just clicking on funny names. Which is how we came across Coq & Balls. We said maybe we would go... but then Friday afternoon I read the story on their website and I was sold.

"The year was 2007. The place - the tranquil estate of Tiong Bahru. Once, a proud rooster ruled the grounds between Yong Siak Steet and Bo Bo Tan Gardens. The sole survivor of a witch hunt by the mighty authorities during the bird flu epidemic which decimated three of its brother roosters, this fine specimen of a rooster achieved celebrity status by the sheer strength of his will. Residents doted on him and cars screeched to a halt as he crossed the roads in his daily strolls. He even ate from the same bowl as a neighborhood cat notorious for its pigeon-killing sprees. His mysterious air of command was sure and absolute.

As time went by (as it always does), Bo Bo Tan Gardens was reclaimed by the authorities and the proud rooster was slowly integrated into local legend. Outwitting his foes and never showing fear, the Tiong Bahru Rooster is revered even till this present day. The story of the rooster has become a part of Coq & Balls as we continue to honor a local legend and embody all he stood for – always standing proud and showing some balls."

So we went.

We met an awesome bartender, Michael, and their happy hour drink specials were the best we've seen. $12 for classic cocktails (big list, too!) and Michael knows what he's doing. We stuck around and even had a full price drink after happy hour because they were the best alcoholic drinks we've had since we've been here.

We had a great conversation with Michael while we sat. He gave us a hand written list of restaurants that are open late night and 24 hours, and we gave him some suggestions of places to visit if he makes a trip to America.

We took an Uber back to our neighborhood and drove through Chinatown, which is all decorated for the Chinese New Year still -- year of the monkey. Monkeys everywhere!

We had our driver drop us off across the street and we grabbed burgers at Berg. Mine had BEETS on it. We were fairly toasty from all our drinking, so I don't remember much about my burger, but I remember it was delicious. Sorry there are no pictures. Maybe we'll try it again sometime when we're a little more sober.

Week complete! Next up... toy museum!