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Marina Bay Sands

Okay, so I'm about to do a quick catch up of the past week and a half in a few shorter blog entries. I know you guys don't need a complete play by play anymore.

Last Monday I met Jess after work and we walked over to Marina Bay Sands to check out the view from the sky. There is artwalk on and along the sidewalks on the way over. I took a picture of my favorite little guy; one of the wings says "Humans can fly and never need to walk."

How encouraging. And lies.

The bridge over to Marina Bay Sands is called the Helix Bridge (formerly Double Helix Bridge). It is shaped like, you guessed it, double helix DNA.

Since this is Singapore, Marina Bay Sands obviously has it's own giant shopping mall. There is a comic book themed cafe, an awesome toy store, restaurants, cafes, a ton of expensive designer shops, a casino, and a skating rink right in front of a food court. The directional signs show English, Chinese and Malay (Jess looked this up, because we couldn't figure out why they had phonetic spellings on the signs).

Marina Bay Sands is three hotel towers with a big...ship on top. The "ship" has an observation deck, bar, restaurant, gardens, and a pool. We passed on everything but the observation deck. Jess needed to get a picture or two for his company newsletter... so that's why there are so many shots of just him. ;)

The oddly shaped domes and weird structures amongst the greenery is Gardens By the Bay. We're planning to hopefully get over there this weekend. It's open nearly 24 hours, so we can plan on walking through a lot of it near sundown. 

After the observation deck we had dinner at Todai, Japanese/sushi buffet. We have one at home in Fairfax, too! We filled up with lots of sushi, macarons and soft serve.

After dinner we made it all the way back across the mall/hotel, and out to the walkway/observation deck overlooking Gardens By the Bay just in time for what I'm assuming is a nightly light show. Excuse the not great photos... combination of phone shots, and handheld camera shots... I will definitely need to make another trip with a tripod.

After the light show we walked BACK through Marina Bay Sands while considering whether we should take an Uber or walk back. We walked so we could stop by Jess' office on the way back. We took a few photos inside Marina Bay Sands... the circular area in the photo down below is a bar, they have a bunch of bars and cafes like this in the centers of malls and open spaces.

The Helix Bridges (like pretty much everything else) lights up at night and looks amazing! Another place I'll have to go back to with a tripod.

Jess was amused that the projection on the Lotus shaped Art Science Museum seemed to be broken.

And there was some light up art back over near the boy with wings.

The night walks here are typically *so* much cooler than being out through the day, and I think we made a subconscious decision to stop doing so many things outside through the day.