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From the family that brought you Tiger Balm... Haw Par Villa!

We started our day attempting to find a place that serves breakfast and is actually open at LATE breakfast time.... like 10am. Finally found 3 or 4 places, and decided on one across the street. We walked over there and guess what? It wasn't opening until noon. So we walked around to I am... and sat for 20 minutes until they opened at 11. We enjoyed some pizza then wandered around with our leftovers. We came across a mannequin that had an unnerving resemblance (note the creeped out look on my face). Then we went back to the apartment and waited out some of the extreme mid day sun.

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We waited around until about 4p to finally head over the Haw Par Villa. The mid day sun was extremely hot that day, and I was still feeling pretty sick. Our Uber driver picked us up and when we told him we were going to Haw Par Villa he laughed. He said he would not recommend this park to everyone, but it's worth seeing. He also said "never take your kids there." (The first thing we saw when we arrived was kids!). During our drive he also told us where to go if we wanted to buy a $3 shovel or mop, and neighborhoods to go to for certain things, and to avoid for certain things.

I don't think I can do Haw Par Villa any justice by talking about it... so I will probably just let the photos speak for themselves. I actually brought along my DSLR for this trip, so there are a lot of photos.

First off... these plaques were about halfway through the park, but it's the story of the park. We didn't stand there and read them at the time because it was so hot (and to be honest, we still haven't read them), but I thought I would share with you so you can get the complete story. Open the images and expand for reading size!

Here are all the shots from our phone cameras. Nothing too too weird here. 

Find out what Chinese zodiac animal you are (if you don't already know) and read a little about yourself! Jessie is an ox and Jess is a dog.

And now for some really weird stuff...

It's a relatively large park (jam packed with crazy), and it was still extremely hot outside even by the time we finished, so we were exhausted. We called an Uber and had him drop us off across the street so we could grab some schawarma before coming back up to the apartment for the night. Here are some meat tornados for your viewing pleasure.

I think it was just about sundown by the time we were getting settled in. We watched some tv and Jess noticed flashing emergency vehicle lights in the distance. I was about to head to bed fairly early (10:30pm), when I stood up and noticed the lights weren't just emergency vehicles.

...that happened. The next day we were overcome with heat exhaustion and my continuing illness, so it was an easy day spent mostly indoors binge watching Fuller House (mostly Jessie, but Jess did watch a couple). ;) But it restored some of our energy for the upcoming week. We will try to post a full week recap so we can get caught up again!

Jess is working on a video project from Haw Par... there will be a special blog update when that is complete.